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Do you know your Instagram slang?

Do you know your Instagram lingo? If not you are not alone as many new users are having a difficult time getting on the Instagram wagon. This is why I wrote this handy guide to walk you thru the common internet slang used on Instagram so you can start hash-tagging like a pro!Β 

So you just joined Instagram and want to learn the language. If your aim is to get more likes and followers on Instagram than please read on…

By using hashtags like #wcw #humpday #sfs #ff #smh #tbt #fbf #modelmonday #friskyfriday #selfiesunday you can get more eyeballs on your photo which transfers into more likes and followers. All these terms can be confusing if you are an Instagram newbie. I know when I first joined Instagram I was like #mcm who, what, where, why, how?

#WCW or #MCM: These terms refer to how people give a S/O (shout-out) to their “Instagram crush” who is either female aka “women crush Wednesdays” or male as a “man crush Monday” These crushes can be anyone from friends, everyday people to celebrities and sports starts.

#wcw #womencrushwednesday #mcm #mancrushmonday

#SFS, #S4S: This term is commonly used among accounts that are trying to grow their pages. It mean “share for share” or “shout-out for shout-out.”What that means is that both users agree to share each others profiles on their profile in order for each to gain. It is also used across Instagram as “spam for spam” which is user requesting you to like a large number of their pictures in return for them liking a large number of yours.

#FF: This hashtag is mostly used on Friday if it is being used as “follow Friday” another abbreviation it is commonly know for across Instagram with the aim of getting people to follow one another. It is also know as “follow follow”.

#FOMO: Fear of missing out.

#TBT, #TT, #FBF: These terms are for types of flashbacks, to show friends and family a glimpse of the past. This is an opportunity for people to share a “throwback” to an earlier time. TBT stands for “throwback Thursday” and is considered a “holiday hashtag” and is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. TT stands for “transformation Tuesday” and is usually used to show a change in appearance (age, haircut, weight loss, etc.). FBF stands for “flashback Friday” and is is the same thing as #TBF but is used on Fridays.

#tbt #throwbacktursday #ff #followfriday

#LIKE4LIKE L4L: If you are looking to increase your likes on your photos you could try hash-tagging #like4like which is where two users exchange likes on photos. The same term is interchangeable with the following hashtags #likes4likes, #likeforlike, #likesforlikes, #l4l #likeback #likeall, etc.

#FOLLOWFORFOLLOW #F4F: If you are looking to get more followers on your page I would recommend using these hashtags #follow4follow where two users follow eachother. Other hashtags you can use are: #follow #follow4follow #teamfollowback #followback.

#LOL, #LMAO, #LMFAO, #ROLF: Means “laugh out loud,” indicating that the user who posts it thinks something is funny. Instead of using the typical “hehe” or “haha” they will typically write lol “laughing out loud.” If it’s even funnier, then people will use “Laughing my a– off.” “rolling on the floor laughing,” and so on…

#SMH: Is carried over from the text-messaging sphere and stands for “shaking my head.” What this means is the user who posts is shaking his or her head in disbelief, sorrow, disgust, shock or shame.

#DM, #DMs #DIRECT, #DIRECTMESSAGE: They all mean the same thing they are private messages sent between a sender and recipient.

#KIK: Uses a users smartphone’s data plan or Wi-Fi to transmit and receive messages. Kik also allows users to share messages, photos, videos, mobile webpages, and other content. It is commonly used among Instagram users who are growing their pages with #SFS “share for shares.”

#SNAPCHAT: A video messaging application where users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as “#SNAPS”.

#snapchat #snaps #snapchatme

#FOH, #GTFO: These stand for “f— outta here” and “get the f— out.” They both are terms used to dismiss whatever is being referenced.

#YOLO: I’m sure you have seen this before Instagram this is an abbreviation for “you only live once.” There can be many interpretations of this depending on the users photo captions. It is commonly used to show a user who likes living on the edge.

#ICant, #Cryin #ImCrying and #Dead: All of these hashtags are a little bit misleading if you are an Instagram newbie. To sum it up, when someone posts #ICant, #Crying, #ImDead or a similar hashtag it is used as a short-hand response to a funny or shocking image on Instagram. I know it is weird getting use to all this new lingo, but you get the hang of things soon!

Are there any additional Instagram hashtags to add to our list?

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