Most interactive brands on Instagram
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What questions to ask on Instagram?

Have you ever been on a date where the other individual was so self absorbed that they only talked about themselves?

What about that poorly managed meeting that lasted forever with little interest from participants?

How about a relationship where the other individual  was so selfish that they only considered their feelings in mind?

I think we have all experienced at least one, if not all of the above examples!

I find it ironic that people think that “social” media is  like a fax machine. When in reality social media is the farthest thing from a fax machine (not to mention from different eras!) its all about being SOCIAL and starting the communication on InstagramActive celebrities on Instagram

Asking questions on Instagram isn’t just for normal folks. Top celebrities and brands on Instagram also take part in this trend to create engagement among followers.

Asking questions on Instagram

Question: How can I effectively communicate on Instagram without annoying?

Answer: Ask questions on Instagram!

Asking the right questions on Instagram

Questions that can be answered in many ways, are called divergent or open-ended questions. Open-ended questions just like it sounds: open up conversations. By asking the right type of questions you can activate the engagement on your post with more likes, comments, tags, and reposts on Instagram.

What kind of questions should you ask on Instagram?

Open-ended questions samples:

Celebrities asking fans questions on Instagram

  • Where are you from?

  • How do you like xxx?

Top brands asking questions on Instagram

  • Do you agree?

  • Who else xxxx?

Asking the right kind of questions on Instagram

  • What timezone are you in?

  • What are your plans for xxxx?

Questions that increase engagement on Instagram

  • What is your snapchat?

  • Are you ready for xxxx?

Questions to ask to increase engagement on Instagram

  • Are you on Facebook?

  • Tell me about…

Brands who engage followers on Instagram

  • What does this remind you of?

  • Which one?

Asking questions on Instagram?

  • What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

  • How is your week?

Brands that ask questions on Instagram

Types of Instagram questions to ask

Fill in the blanks:

What exactly are fill in the blank captions on Instagram?  Fill in the blank captions are a great way to get people to “voice” their opinions in short format.

Fill in the blanks samples:

  • I love ______

  • Thank goodness it’s _______

  • If I could be anywhere right know, I would go to _____

  • My favorite way to relax after a long hard day is _________________

Fill in the blank questions on Instagram

  • My least favorite feature on Instagram is _________

  • Instagram is ________

  •  ________________ always makes me feel inspired.

  • My Instagram idol is ________

  • What questions to ask on Instagram?My favorite food is ________

  • My favorite season is ______

  • Before Instagram I used ________

  • I live in __________

Brands asking the right questions on Instagram

  •  I find ________________ hilarious!

  • My favorite place to travel is _______

  • I do _________ to relax

  • _______ is my favorite season

#fillintheblank on Instagram

  •  When I wake up the first thing I do is ________.

  • Last thing before bed I _______.

  • ________ is my favorite type of music

  • I love to dance to _____________

What questions to ask on social media

Brands who use fill in the blank questions on social media

  • I get inspired by _________

  • I follow new users because _________

  • I’m following _________ because ________

  • I unfollow because _________

Brands who use fill in the blank questions on social media

  • I comment on pictures when __________

  • You have to follow ________

  • The best page on Instagram is _________

  • I use Instagram because _________

Top brands who engage with audiences on Instagram

  • I’m mostly using Instagram _________

  • I’ve been using Instagram for _______

  • I joined Instagram because ________

  • To get my attention you have to ________

Most interactive brands on Instagram

Do you have any other questions to add to this list? Share in the comments below!

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