Instagram’s app-install ads shows more engaged users
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How are Instagram ads doing?

Did you know that Instagram ads could change the app industry by attracting more engaged users?

Adjust, a mobile analytics firm just released a private beta test study of how well users engaged with the apps downloaded on photo sharing network Instagram.

instagram sponsored advertising for apps

 Included in the study were display ads and app install ads, however the main purpose was to study the engagement of users of apps installed from Instagram ads “install now” button. Only a few metrics were released by Adjust, but the metrics that were released had “incredibly promising results” according to CEO and cofounder Christian Henschel.

Instagram’s app-install ads shows more engaged users

In comparison to apps downloaded elsewhere, the results from the study showed that Instagram ads had 15 percent higher downloads.

What does this mean for you? With 300 million Instagram users worldwide, this will open a large new marketplace for app publishers.

Not only do the ads have higher downloads but in post- installation, users who download the app via Instagram ads spend an average of 70 percent more time in the app. These users also kept the app downloaded for 20 percent longer in comparison to other installation methods.

Instagram ads are showing more engaged users

Which ads are gaining the most traction on Instagram?

The ads that blend in with the surrounding editorial content known as native ad formats on Instagram are getting the best engagement rates. For example, a fashion related app that is embedded within a feed of designer clothes fits in to that feed well so the engagement rates go up.

Instagram ads for app installs could be a major engine for getting more engaged users.    New Instagram platform for app downloads is gaining traction

When did Instagram start advertising? Two years ago the photo sharing network started offering ads to a select group of advertisers with limited formats available. Recently Instagram announced that by September 30 advertising is available for all advertisers, using their “self serve” platform and are offering additional formats like 30 second video ads.

Instagram reported that it has seen boosts in app installs for ad campaigns via a blog post. For example, Gilt Groupe a fashion site ““ran a campaign that drove an 85 percent lift in app installs.” While’s “ads yielded a 10% order value increase versus its benchmark.”

Targeted Instagram ads open for all advertisers      Instagram targeted ads

Have you downloaded any apps from Instagram ads? If so which ones? Drop your comments below!

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