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Do you understand how Instagram advertising works?

Do you want increased brand recognition? As a social media platform, Instagram is an effective way to do this. With advertising options now available for all advertisers, integrating Instagram with your brand’s marketing approach helps build your brand, grow your business, and reach a wider audience and younger demographic. 

Instagram advertising for dummies

Who is on Instagram?

Over 400 million active monthly users globally and 26% of all US internet users are on Instagram according to Pew research study. Since 2013, the numbers have grown 17% and are still growing.

Instagram hits 400 million users

What is the largest demographic on Instagram?

There is a pretty equal balance of female to male users on Instagram. The largest demographic at 53% are under 30, 25% of users are 30-50 age range with 11% between the ages of 50-64, and only 6% are above 65 years old.

What Types of Businesses Should Advertise?

Any business that is trying to build brand awareness should consider Instagram as part of their marketing initiatives. The visual social channel  is the best for showcasing your business photos and products. Besides generating sales, it can be an effective platform to showcase your company culture to retain and attract new employees.

showcase your company culture on Instagram

How does Instagram marketing work?

Advertising on Instagram is on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. What this means for you is that you only pay if the ad is clicked by a user. With CPC advertising on Instagram, you can easily keep your costs aligned with your budget.

How to set up your Instagram advertising?

How much does Instagram advertising cost?

The bids for clicks are more expensive than Google AdWords or Facebook advertising. With this said, from a customer standpoint the competition is much stronger. Since Instagram generates high engagement rates, the click-through-rates are also higher. The more engaged users your brand has on Instagram, the more they are likely to recognize your brand of company when they make a purchase.

How much does Instagram advertising cost?

How can you target users on Instagram?

You can choose certain demographics for targeting your ads when you set up your Instagram advertising account. Since Instagram has access to Facebook demographics, you can really utilize this to specifically target who you want to reach. Such targeting factors like age, gender, geography, profession are available for you to use. With so many targeting options available on Instagram, you can easily tailor content to find new customers on Instagram and will be more successful with generating engagement and overall conversions because of relevancy.

Targeting ads on Instagram

What kind of advertising formats are available on Instagram?

You can promote your posts to reach more people, this is called sponsored ads and are available if you want to drive user engagement and increase the comments and likes that the photo receives.
How to create sponsored posts on Instagram?

If you want to have a call-to-action like “install”, “download”, “sign up”, “shop now”, or “learn more” than direct response ads are your go to.

Call to action advertising on Instagram with a shop now button

If you want to try video advertising on Instagram, you can showcase your products or services within a 30-second video clip that can be used the same way a regular photo would be on the platform.

Instagram will bring in $600 million in advertising revenue over the next year

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