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How many companies are using Instagram?

Did you know that 88.2% of US companies use at least one social media platform this year? With this said, not all social platforms are growing at the same rate. According to the new eMarketers forecast, marketers are flocking to Instagram.

32.3% of US companies with 100 employees or more will use Instagram for marketing in 2015. This number will increase by 16.5% to 48.8% in 2016. 70.7% of US companies will use Instagram for marketing by 2017.

Marketers are rapidly embracing Instagram in 2015 and beyond

eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson said “now that Instagram is opening up advertising to all businesses, it’s not surprising that marketer usage will grow rapidly… Its close ties to Facebook are a key advantage.”

Number of Companies Using Instagram will Double Next Year

While Instagram is attracting new marketers, Twitter on the other hand is plateauing. Twitters growth in the US market will only be 1.4 percent between 2015 and 2017.

Facebook, which is considered a mature platform is in the same boat as Twitter according to marketers. 84.7% of US companies with 100 employees or more will use Facebook for marketing in 2015, only increasing by 0.6% to 85.3% in 2016 and to 85.8% in 2017.

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