Instagram influencer payment rates
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How can YOU make money on Instagram?

Usually it works like this. Either you contact or get contacted by the company wanting an Instagram promotion.

How much money can you make off Instagram promotions?

How to start making money off your Instagram                           

Depending on the size of the company and budget, they may attach a contract or Instagram ambassador agreement as seen below:

Instagram non- competitive disclosure agreement

Companies that are familiar with promotions will often send you an Instagram ambassador promo packages like these:

Instagram ambassador sign up form

Commission sales made on Instagram

 You can make money from Instagram in four ways: 

1) No paid promo but free products:

Do you want to receive free swag on Instagram?


2) Mutually beneficial cross promo- you post them and they post you and tag you back. This works well if both the accounts have similar follower counts or target audiences on Instagram.

How do cross promos on Instagram work?


3) A flat per post fee, this is usually only for really popular Instagram accounts that have a certain level of engagement

Instagram promotions rates

4) A flat base rate per post plus a percentage of the commissions from your Instagram sales which are tracked by your special discount code

How to make commission sales off Instagram

What are discount codes on Instagram?         

How much money can you make off Instagram?

Instagram influencer payment rates

Are you already making money on Instagram?

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