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How to get discovered on Instagram?

Instagram is the new social media platform for discovering new talent. Everyone from models, actresses, makeup artists to music video costars were discovered by both brands and celebrities this year. Established models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner with millions of followers and counting are proof of this. Instagram is a perfect platform to get discovered as a designer, artist, or model.

Using Instagram to get discovered by celebrities and brands


The Kardashian’s and Jenner’s are well known on Instagram as the “selfie queens”. Kylie Jenner discovered her makeup artist, a 20 year old makeup artist named Ariel Tejada.  Ariel told Allure magazine, that through Instagram DM Kyle messaged him  “Look, whenever you’re in L.A., I want to work with you, let me know.” Since working with Kylie, Ariel has worked with her sisters Kim, Kendall and Khloe as well as some other high profile models and celebrities. Who knew one Instagram DM would turn turn his world around!Want to get discovered by the Jenner's on Instagram?

How to get discovered by brands on Instagram?

Want to get discovered by the Kardashian's on Instagram?

Rihanna discovered her music video costar via Instagram DM, Sanam for “Bitch Better Had My Money.” Before Rihanna, Sanam was a regular  25 year old Seattle girl that wasn’t an model or actress. 

How to get discovered by celebrities and brands on Instagram?

H&M turned heads this fall, when they scouted a model on Instagram wearing hijab in one of its campaigns. Maria Idrissi, a 23 year old London native who was contacted by H&M was skeptical asking the scout, “Are you sure they know I wear a hijab?” H&M Close The Loop campaign featured models who are out of the box within the fashion industry, including an amputee model, plus- sized models to name a few.

Want to get discovered by brands on Instagram?

This summer, Miley Cyrus wore a hand painted leather jacket that was designed by a London- based deisigner named Phiney Pet. Miley inquired about a jacket after following her on Instagram. “The power of social media, ay!” says Phiney.

Get celebrities to notice your Instagram

Another Miley Cyrus Instagram collaboration this year is with one of the Best Social Media Stars of 2015, Gigi Gorgeous. Miley DM’d her about the Happy Hippy foundation which lead to her starring in Miley’s #instapride campaign which eventually landed her a job hosting a beauty series on Kylie Jenner’s app. Don’t forget to check your Instagram DM’s- it might be Miley!

How to get celebrities to DM you on Instagram?

Instagram has become the go- to to discovering talent in previous years. I expect 2017 to continue this social trend. Rihanna has recently launched a beauty agency that will be relying on social media channels like Instagram to mine for talent. Will you be next on Rihanna’s list?



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