Paulina had a passion for social media since it started. She studied Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Marketing at Capilano University. After working for various employers in previous positions including sales, advertising, event management, internet marketing and consulting, she came to a point in her life that she wanted to do it by herself for herself.

She started her first company at the age of 24 she started a consulting company that focused on internet marketing and social media community building.  Everything from the graphic design, website design and layout as well as content was done by Paulina. She didn’t outsource any aspects of her business as she wanted to learn how it was done- from scratch.

After running her business she quickly realized that she could not grow her consulting company at the rate and capacity that she had originally envisioned. Why is this you ask? Paulina running a “one woman show” could not do and be everywhere at one time and learned that juggling multiple clients on various social media platforms was time consuming and tedious.  What did this mean for her? She knew she needed to focus on one niche social media platform.

This is where her love and passion for Instagram came into play. During this time in 2013, Instagram was the “hot” “new” “it” network that she saw as her golden opportunity. She started her Instagram from scratch since she deleted her primary Facebook account two years prior. She like you, could not get past the hurdle of getting more followers since it is common practice for Instagram users to un follow in order for them to have the upper hand with a better follower/ following ratio- after all this is how people judge your profile on Instagram.

She, like you did not understand why her totally awesome pictures weren’t receiving the attention they deserved! So she changed it. Instead of inspiring to be like her Instagram idols she became one and SO CAN YOU! How? Connect with Paulina @ paulina@instafamed.com.

Paulina, Instafamed Founder