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5 reasons why Instagram matters

Can Instagram be the single biggest opportunity for social media marketing next year? Instagram has been the one social platform that hasn't been making too much noise in comparison to Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. Instagram's consistency is what has made it the fastest growing platform. This Instagram infographic created by MDG Advertising proves why marketers worldwide should be incorporating Instagram into their marketing budgets.

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Want to create an awesome Instagram ad?

In September, when Instagram advertising became open for all advertisers this was an invitation for brands to repurpose their content. Did you know that the perfect Instagram ad may vary from the perfect Instagram post? This Instagram infographic created by Bannerwatch goes into detail about the elements of a successful Instagram ad.

What is the science behind Instagram?
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What is the science of Instagram?

What photos get the most likes and comment on Instagram? This infographic created by Hubspot studied 1.5 million photos from 538, 270 users...