Happy 5th birthday Instagram
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Who has the most followed Instagram account?

As Instagram celebrates it's fifth birthday and over 400 million followers Tuesday, they confirmed top five accounts for the first time. Congrats to Taylor Swift for being number one and reaching 49.7 million followers on Instagram.

Instagram hits 400 million users
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Are you one of the 400 million+ Instagram users?

Did you know that Instagram is now 1/3 as big as parent company Facebook? The photo and video sharing app Instagram announced Tuesday in a blog post that they just hit 400 million monthly active users.

Most interactive brands on Instagram
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What questions to ask on Instagram?

I find it ironic that people think that "social" media is like a fax machine. When in reality social media is the farthest thing from a fax machine (not to mention from different eras!) its all about being SOCIAL and starting the communication on Instagram.